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How to Save a View as Favorite


    Save a View as Favorite

    Starting with the Business Cloud, you can use the favorites function to individually configure all factro lists (project, task, user or contact list) as well as factro views (project overview, project, tasks, workload overview) and save them in your dashboard as a favorite view.

    The view then appears in your factro dashboard below the menu item “Favorites” in alphabetical order. This lets you get information quickly that you need for your daily work.

    Configure Lists as well as Project Views

    Configure your list or project view by filtering, sorting or grouping them. For example, add or remove columns by using the field list to sort your view. Arrange the columns via drag & drop the way you like.

    Save a View in the factro Dashboard

    Click on the star icon, assign a name and confirm your entry with enter – and your favorite is saved.

    Ein Favorit wird abgespeichert
    This is how you save a favorite

    Rename your Favorite View

    To rename your favorite view, click on the favorite title beside the filled star icon, edit the title name and press “Enter” when you are done. Afterwards, a question mask will appear.

    Your newly renamed favorite can then

    1. Be overwritten or
    2. saved as a new one

    Click on “Overwrite current” and your favorite view will be renamed.

    Remove Favorite View

    To remove a favorite from your dashboard, click the star icon again. It will turn transparent, and the favorite disappears from the dashboard.

    Ein Favorit wird gelöscht
    This is how you delete a favorite

    Share the Favorite View

    You can share your favorites with your team members simply via the URL of the view, for example via email or as a comment with @mention. As long as the recipient has at least obtained reading rights for the content, they can access the view.

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